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Who says a man can’t make a difference in the movement to end violence against women?

One of the most exciting aspects of The Voices and Faces Project is that it brings together a truly diverse group of women and men engaged in the fight to end sexual violence and trafficking. One of those men is R. Clifton Spargo, a novelist and cultural critic who has been a part of The Voices and Faces Project since its founding, and the creator of "The Stories We Tell," our testimonial writing workshop for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and trafficking. The Stories We Tell has traveled to 5 North American cities since its inception, and will visit 4 more in the coming months. We’ve loved watching this first-of-its-kind workshop change lives, one survivor at a time. We are grateful to Clifton for his vision, compassion, and talents as a teacher — and for being someone who creates a safe space for writers to explore their voices and creativity.

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Now we have another reason to be grateful to him. Because if you make an online donation of $50 or more to The Voices and Faces Project between now and 6/30, you’ll receive a personally signed, first edition copy of Beautiful Fools, The Last Affair of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, Clifton’s much-anticipated new novel. 100% of donations received will go to support our testimonial writing workshops.

Praised by reviewers in The New Yorker, Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and numerous other publications, Beautiful Fools is a novel about a passionate enduring love, about the search for second acts in life, and about last chances.

"It takes a brave novelist to tackle Scott and Zelda, those mythic ghosts of the Jazz Age," says Tom Perrotta, author of Election and Little Children. "Luckily, Spargo is more than just brave. Beautiful Fools is a vivid and revealing look at two charismatic, self-destructive people...a real feat of historical imagination and novelistic empathy."
A novel way to make a difference this Father's Day.
Donate $50 or more before 6/30, and receive an autographed copy of Beautiful Fools.

The Voices and Faces Project, recently named one of "America's Best Charities" by the board of directors of Independent Charities of America, has been recognized by the United States Department of Justice as part of the "new generation" of anti-violence leaders. We're working to change minds, hearts and social policy by helping survivors to tell their stories and by introducing those stories into the public square. We need your support to continue our work.

Still demanding justice: The Women of Atenco, 6 years on.
Two years ago, Voices and Faces Project photographer Patricia Evans and writer Anne K. Ream traveled to Mexico, where they interviewed the Women of Atenco, victims of rape and torture at the hands of Mexican police. This case has been a high-priority for our allies at Amnesty International, and the failure of the Mexican government to hold police accountable has been condemned by members of the United States Congress, the United Nations, and the international human rights community. The willingness of the women to speak truth to power and perpetrators is inspiring, humbling and a reminder of how a small community of activists can challenge and change the world - and yet there has still been no justice.
Join The Voices and Faces Project and the Nobel Women's Initiative in demanding justice for the women of Atenco.
Listen to the WBEZ/Public Radio piece about our Voices and Faces Project work documenting the stories of the women of Atenco.

43 states and three continents: Our Voices and Faces Project lecture and workshop series.
We founded The Voices and Faces Project to bring the names, faces and stories of survivors of sexual violence and trafficking to the attention of the public. No program has helped us do that more effectively than our Speakers Bureau, which has taken our team to 3 continents and now – thank you, Utah – 43 US states. Find out more about our available Voices and Faces Project lectures, and contact us to bring one of our 10 lectures or workshops to your community.

A terrific book, an important truth, and a key member of our project speaks out.
DePaul University College of Law’s Jody Raphael — a member of our CounterQuo project - recently published Rape is Rape: How Denial, Distortion and Victim Blaming are Fueling a Hidden Acquaintance Rape Crisis. Called "[A] meticulously researched and passionately argued rebuttal of those who would deny the reality and alarming prevalence of acquaintance rape" (Kirkus Reviews), Raphael’s book has attracted much praise, but also a campaign to discredit her findings that we find deeply troubling. Check out Katie Feifer's thoughtful CounterQuo post on why and how those who deny rape are making the world less safe for all of us.

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