Can the stories of women challenge and change the world?

We think the answer is yes.

That's why The Voices and Faces Project, a non-profit documentary initiative created to bring the names, faces and testimony of survivors of sexual violence and trafficking to the attention of the public, has launched "Project International," our expansion into storytelling in regions beyond our borders.

As part of that effort, documentary photographer Patricia Evans and writer Anne K. Ream recently traveled to Mexico, where they interviewed the Women of Atenco, victims of rape and torture at the hands of Mexican police. This case has been a high-priority for our allies at Amnesty International, and the failure of the Mexican government to hold police accountable has been condemned by members of the United States Congress, the United Nations, and the international human rights community. The willingness of the Women of Atenco to speak truth to power and perpetrators is inspiring, humbling and a reminder of how a small community of women can indeed challenge and change the world.

To hear Chicago Public Radio's "Worldview" piece on The Voices and Faces Project and our work with the women of Atenco click here.

Thinking globally, acting locally: The Voices and Faces Project at Northwestern University.

Members of our Voices and Faces Project Speakers' Bureau have spoken on three continents, challenging audiences to "think differently" about sexual violence by sharing the stories of those who have lived through it. Most recently, we spoke to students and faculty at the Center for Global Engagement at the Buffett Center for International & Comparative Studies at Northwestern University. In "We Are The Stories We Tell: Writing About the Injustices We've Lived Or Witnessed," The Voices and Faces Project shared a series of stories from our documentary initiative in order to explore ways Northwestern students might document the human rights realities they will likely encounter in their work with a wide range of United Nations NGOs.

Nicole Patel, Program Manager at the Buffett Center, noted that The Voices and Faces Project "delivered a fresh perspective on both the power and danger of storytelling. Students were enlightened to the possibilities of using storytelling to make a difference not only in their upcoming work abroad but in their lives upon returning home."

One step at a time, one story at a time, The Voices and Faces Project is working to change minds, hearts and public policies on violence against women. To find out how you can support our work, email

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