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The story behind the story: Our testimonial writing workshop and its first book, Fault Line.

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We believe that every woman’s story has power and purpose. That's why The Voices and Faces Project launched "The Stories We Tell," North America's first two-day testimonial writing workshop for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and trafficking. In partnership with local arts and human rights organizations in cities across the continent, our traveling workshop has helped those who have lived through or witnessed violence stand up, speak out and share their stories in service to personal — and political — change.

Christa Desir is an alumnae of our very first Voices and Faces Project writing workshop. Her debut Young Adult novel, Fault Line (Simon and Schuster), was conceived during an overnight exercise where workshop participants were asked to explore the issue of sexual violence or sex trafficking from the perspective of someone of a different gender or sexual orientation. Fault Line – written from the point of view of a teenage boy whose girlfriend is raped – tackles the subject of sexual violence with a rare honesty. We love it that Fault Line was written to reach teens "where they are," with an anti-violence message that they very much need to hear. Thank you, Christa for your voice and willingness to create social change in a novel way.

Give, read, and make a difference: Donate $50 or more to The Voices and Faces Project before 11/30, and receive an autographed first edition copy of Fault Line.
The Voices and Faces Project, recently named one of "America's Best Charities" by the board of directors of Independent Charities of America, has been recognized by the United States Department of Justice as part of a "new generation" of anti-violence leaders. We're working to change minds, hearts and social policy by helping survivors tell their stories, and by bringing those stories to the attention of the public. We need your support to continue our work

Creating Programs that Create Change: The Voices and Faces Project and the Northwestern School of Education and Social Policy.
Change. We know it when we see it – and we can feel it when it is happening. But can we really create change? In 2012, The Voices and Faces Project debuted "Creating Programs That Create Change" at the Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy, and it has since become a quarterly offering at the school. Created by Voices and Faces Project founder Anne K. Ream through a dialogue with Northwestern University scholar Danny M. Cohen, "Creating Programs That Create Change" is a workshop that encourages students, activists and advocates to think creatively, effectively and differently about pursuing social justice goals.
See you in November, Northwestern!
View a slideshow of our workshop team in action
Read more about our Voices and Faces Project lecture and workshop series

Still demanding justice: The Women of Atenco, 6 years on.
Two years ago, The Voices and Faces Project traveled to Mexico, where we interviewed and photographed the Women of Atenco,who are using their stories to demand justice. This case has been a high-priority for our allies at Amnesty International, and the failure of the Mexican government to hold police accountable has been condemned by members of the United States Congress, the United Nations, and the international human rights community. The willingness of the women to speak truth to power and perpetrators is inspiring, and yet there has still been no justice for the community. Join The Voices and Faces Project and the Nobel Women's Initiative in demanding justice for the women of Atenco.
Listen to the WBEZ/Public Radio piece about our Voices and Faces Project work documenting the stories of the women of Atenco.

Ashley Judd

Shine on: Thank you, Ashley Judd and Victim Rights Law Center for honoring The Voices and Faces Project and its founder.
On September 19th, the Victim Rights Law Center in Boston — the country's first pro bono law firm focused exclusively on victim civil law — celebrated ten years of groundbreaking legal work at their Shining Star Gala, hosted by actress Ashley Judd. VRLC honored ten extraordinary women engaged in the fight to end gender-based violence in the United States, including Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, political commentator Susan Estrich, professor Anita Hill, athlete Kate Hnida, Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, activist Susan Vickers, and The Voices and Faces Project's very own Anne K. Ream. Shine. On.

We love New York: Our writing workshop heads to the Big Apple in 2014. See you there!
Emily Bergl, Clare Gagne and Christa Desir share a passion for words that can change things. So they came together to create an indiegogo campaign to bring "The Stories We Tell," our Voices and Faces Project testimonial writing workshop, to New York City. Mission accomplished, thanks to their brilliant efforts and our generous donors. If you are a New Yorker interested in taking part in our 2014 workshop, email for details (date tbd). And thank you, Emily, Clare and Christa for your huge hearts and hard work.

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